September 8, 2012

Loving my new cartridge....TEAM SPIRIT from Cricut!!

Two weeks ago I purchased Team Spirit off of When it came in the mail three days later, I was so excited to open it. Finally!! A tougher looking mascot for my children's school! It's ok to have a "cute" little tiger for the Elementary years, but as they get older-it just won't work.

After putting one together, the older kids were in love!! Here's what it looked like...

So, with school starting soon, binders could not be plain. My son got so many complements on his
two binders I made. Even from the teachers!!

After that, I was on a roll!! Next was water bottles. Now I am currently looking to make the whole football team water bottles with the tiger and their numbers!! Just have to find only 25 water bottles to add the vinyl tiger too.

I also added a small tiger with the sports that my kids play as a decal on my van. There isn't a picture of that....yet. I am hoping to post these onto Cricut's message board, but it all depends on how the system works with me today. I "had issues" with google earlier trying to blog from my Picasa account. Wish me luck!

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