February 21, 2015

Ahhh, classroom parties. Won't be ashamed to admit it...I LOVE THEM! It's the one time during the school season I can come in and see all the kids in my children's classes. Kind of like seeing the animals in their natural environment! Plus you get to chat with their teacher(s) and other parents. I will miss it when my youngest gets to that age where they don't have parties anymore. Do you get to volunteer at school?

These hearts were cut out as part of a musical game called "My Funny Valentine". I got the idea from Pinterest and a few other blogs online. The students walk in a circle from heart to heart when the music plays. When the music stops, the student on the pink heart has to do something funny. (I cut some slips of paper with ideas such as "make a funny face" or "roar like a lion" in a bag and they picked a slip).

The "Heart Lava" didn't get to be played because of time restraints. But the idea behind that was to only stand on the two (of the four) pieces of paper and move from one side of the room to the other. Only using the paper to get across.

These all were done with my Cricut, and old Hero Arts (I think, it's so old that the labeling has worn off of it), and my trusty Stampin' Up! Roll Stamp with an X's & O's wheel.

Graduation Stuff Started!

I started working on a few table decorations for my daughter's upcoming graduation. While it's still in rough stages, I hope to get a finished one soon. Not sure what to put in the first vase, anyone have any ideas? It would have to be sturdy enough to hold the pics up. I wanted to go all out, but my daughter reigned me in and said "Nothing fancy Mom" LOL 

It was made with a combination of Stampin Up! stamps, Paper Smooches Stamps, Ribbon, and vases from Dollar Tree. (the paper shreds in the first pic were made with special scissors from Stampin Up! too)