June 24, 2011

Update on the UH-OH and Friskars

I will say I am really impressed with the response time of Friskars on my cutter. The very next morning I checked my e-mail and there was a message! They are going to send me out a new cutter!! That's why I have always loved their products! THANKS FRISKARS!

June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Hope you all get to enjoy your Day!!

BFF & Big Brother

The kids, who at first I thought were busy doing other things, let me craft for a while yesterday. But, it took me four hours to complete two pages because everytime I got started "someone" needed a drink-help-arguing with their sibs-you know how it goes. Maybe someday I will win the lottery and I can build a whole addition to the house that would just be my craft room (with a door)....But, until then I will just adjust when possible. Afterall, they will grow quick and one day I will miss all the "interruptions".

My daughter & her friend have been bff's since five. Even though they are a grade apart (her birthday is late in the year, where as my daughter's is earlier) they've managed to be hooked at the hip any other time. I wanted to do something a little more "hip" since they aren't in the cute stage anymore...I got the idea from Missy's book by Jeannette Lynton. Her ideas are fab! Can't say enough about her books!

OH NO! I was cutting the vellum for the next page and the wire on my Fiskars cutter started to shred! It's not that old!!! Has anyone had any problems with these cutters??
AAAAHHH! Thank god I still have my Creative Memories 12" cutter!

Anyways, on a walk one day, My youngest walked up to his brother and started holding his hand, all on his own. It was truely an "Aww" moment. So, what did I do...capture it and scrap it of course!
Another layout from the book I mentioned above. I colored the opposite side of the vellum with chalk pencils, so that it didn't totally jump off the page. And I'm starting to experiment more with brads and stuff. A former co-worker gave me some as a Christmas gift.

I love how the chalk looks perfect on the vellum! Oh, and thanks to Missy, I've fallen in love with brads now...

And red ribbon for the accents!

By Missy!

I have a best friend from high school, that loves to scrapbook & craft as much as I do. Missy & I have been bouncing ideas off of each other off & on all year. So, when she crafted batting lineup markers for our sons' baseball team this year, I had to show the world how great of a job she did. And, of course, we also have a baseball float in the annual Fourth of July parade, so I'll be sure to post pics of that later, too!

The shirts were done with Sports Mania or Baseball and the lettering was with Varisty Letters

These will be used for the float on July 4th.

June 17, 2011

Water Bottles

Got creative, after seeing so many different ideas from the net. Using vinyl, my cricut expression, & a cheap water bottle from Family Dollar I made these for the kids. I will say that the sports people on Mike's was a huge challenge because of how small I cut them. So, for Krissy's I cut them bigger. Much easier. Now we won't have any trouble locating their water bottles at the end of the games!

June 5, 2011

Happy 14th to my Darling Daughter!

In the busy festivities of getting ready for Becca's Graduation, Daddy's Drill Weekend, & Baseball-Softball-Basketball Camp, my daughter's birthday was in the mix too. She was perfectly happy with postponing her birthday a weekend for Becca's Open House but I didn't want the day to go without some sort of celebration for her. So, at her request, she wanted brownies instead of cupcakes for her morning celebration. Brownies it was, drizzled with pink & blue icing glaze. Plus a few decorations hanging to surprise her when she woke up. Next to deciede when the actual "friend party" will be and what we are going to do....
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Companion Page for Senior Nite

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Senior Nite

Senior Celebration Night during one of the last Home Football Games. I was out of patterned black paper, so I created my own with some stamps from Stampin' Up. I will go back later and type which carts I used on all of the pages. Right now the names escape me!
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Graduation Page!

This started out as an entirely different design and somehow I ended up with this. Thanks Missy for helping me get my creative idea flowing, since when I started I was completely brain dead on ideas. Ever have those moments, when your ready to work and then suddenly the creative flow just hits a wall??? I hope the graduate likes her album.
Congrats Becca!!
Luv Ya Like One Of My Own!
Class of 2011!
Best Wishes for a Happy & Successful Future!
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Concert Page

The hardest thing about this page was finding a flute in my carts. But I found one on Joys of the Season. I guess I can say that the worse thing about doing this page was the fancy swirls, which when trying to remove them from my mat I almost ripped them in half! I still love them!
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