May 18, 2011

More Grad Stuff

Sorry about the blurry parts of the photo. With all this lovely rainy, gloomy weather we've been having it was hard to get a good shot of this. One color was a glittery orange and everytime I used the flash, it rebounded off of it. Got the inspiration from a book, my good friend Missy showed me, from Jeanette R. Lynton. I love the fact that she has everything, not only mapped out, but sizes and what to cut so that you don't waste paper! Wonderful book, may end up buying my own!!
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Another Bank Done!

Got another bank done, but this time I got paid for it!! Yea!! But, wasn't sure how to do it, since it I really didn't know the person it was for. But, the customer liked it and that's what really matters. I do like using the plastic boxes more now, than the first time I used them. You can decorate the inside, which can add more dimension to it.
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