June 19, 2011

BFF & Big Brother

The kids, who at first I thought were busy doing other things, let me craft for a while yesterday. But, it took me four hours to complete two pages because everytime I got started "someone" needed a drink-help-arguing with their sibs-you know how it goes. Maybe someday I will win the lottery and I can build a whole addition to the house that would just be my craft room (with a door)....But, until then I will just adjust when possible. Afterall, they will grow quick and one day I will miss all the "interruptions".

My daughter & her friend have been bff's since five. Even though they are a grade apart (her birthday is late in the year, where as my daughter's is earlier) they've managed to be hooked at the hip any other time. I wanted to do something a little more "hip" since they aren't in the cute stage anymore...I got the idea from Missy's book by Jeannette Lynton. Her ideas are fab! Can't say enough about her books!

OH NO! I was cutting the vellum for the next page and the wire on my Fiskars cutter started to shred! It's not that old!!! Has anyone had any problems with these cutters??
AAAAHHH! Thank god I still have my Creative Memories 12" cutter!

Anyways, on a walk one day, My youngest walked up to his brother and started holding his hand, all on his own. It was truely an "Aww" moment. So, what did I do...capture it and scrap it of course!
Another layout from the book I mentioned above. I colored the opposite side of the vellum with chalk pencils, so that it didn't totally jump off the page. And I'm starting to experiment more with brads and stuff. A former co-worker gave me some as a Christmas gift.

I love how the chalk looks perfect on the vellum! Oh, and thanks to Missy, I've fallen in love with brads now...

And red ribbon for the accents!
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